Brazilian club Gremio midfielder Arthur Henrique Ramos de Oliveira Melo also known as Arthur has revealed that Barcelona “trust” him and the La Liga winners have called him to “reassure” him that he is in their future plans.

The Catalan club and Gremio agreed a deal to a “purchase option of the player” in March 2018. The Blaugrana have an option of bringing the midfielder to Camp Nou later in July and should that happen, then the player will cost Barcelona €30m plus €9 million in variables.

Arthur has expressed his delight at playing for a club like Barcelona in the future. He also stressed the Spanish champions have called his agent and family to reassure them.

“It’s true. Barca trust me and I’m happy about it. They called to reassure me. They have calmed me down by calling my representatives and family,” Arthur told Sport.

“Everything is very well on track. It’s a dream to play for a club like Barcelona. I’m sure everything will be fine and, then, I’ll still be happier than I already am right now.”

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Ernesto Valverde’s side could bring Arthur to Barcelona in the summer transfer window. The 21-year-old refused to provide more information on this, suggesting that he never gets involved in these matters.

“As I said, I do not go into the details of the negotiation, nor when this purchase option was finalised nor now that someone said that I would never go to Barça. I am calm here at Gremio, because I know that what will mark the future is what one does on the pitch,” he said.

“I do not get involved in these kind of matters because, from the beginning of the negotiations, I left everything in the hands of my representative and my family, so that they would always solve everything together with Gremio. I am well advised. What has to happen, will happen.”