Newcastle United star Bruno Guimarães gave ESPN Brasil a pretty long interview about the great start he’s been having for the Magpies since joining them in January.

As usual, the conversation had a lot about his work adapting to the Premier League, as it isn’t easy getting used to a different type of game and learning a new language, all at the same time.

However, since Bruno had no problems with that, it didn’t take long until he got huge affection from Newcastle fans. That was one of the topics he most talked about, highlighting the great support he’s been getting.

“Few clubs in England have a fanbase like Newcastle, playing against us at home is very difficult. I honestly didn’t expect so much and so fast,” Bruno Guimarães told ESPN Brasil.

“Where I go is crazy, madness, in a restaurant, in the stadium… I win a free-kick and the crowd goes ‘Bruno, Bruno’, so it’s something I hadn’t experienced yet. I was a great idol at Athletico, I think it’s the same level here. I’m in the clouds.”

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Guimarães also talked about the great reception he received from Magpies’ legend Alan Shearer, who’s been in touch with him since the transfer was completed.

“When I signed with Newcastle, on the first day he already followed me and texted me good luck. He’s a legend, Newcastle’s top scorer, without a doubt the greatest player, so for me it’s gratifying. He followed me on Twitter, I followed him back, sometimes we exchange messages. Having the support of the main name of the club gives you more confidence, for sure.”

Following Guimarães’ quick success, it was soon claimed by the media that Newcastle could also be interested in Lucas Paquetá, who used to be his midfield partner at Lyon. Asked about his possible signing, the Magpies’ new star can’t hide how much he’d like that.

“It’d be my dream. Paquetá is my best friend, we made a relationship, not only on the field, but we lived together all the time outside. Our wives together too. It was a brotherly relationship, we still talk every day. It would be really cool if he could come here, but I can’t do this job.”