Portuguese channel TVI24 had more updates on the Bruno Fernandes saga at ‘Mais Transferências’ show this Monday afternoon.

This time, they show how pessimistic they are about the deal, since the negotiations between Sporting and Manchester United have collapsed for now.

They say it was a big surprise when learning on Saturday that the midfielder would play against Braga on Tuesday. That was a sign that the talks haven’t advanced.

It’s claimed that Manchester United had initially pointed out they could offer over €50m for the player, but ended up not doing it, and that’s why the negotiations have stalled.

Sporting continue to demand €65m according to TVI24’s claims today, although elsewhere the figure has been put at €65-70m.

TVI24 says there’s still a chance the talks could resume before the end of the transfer window, but right now there are no signs that a deal could be found.

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Journalist Rui Pedro Braz was quite mysterious with his comments, claiming that it will be ‘shocking’ once people get to know what happened during the negotiations.

He says he feels sorry for Bruno Fernandes, who isn’t the one to blame in this case, and also praises those who tried to make the transfer happen. Braz claims there are people in Portuguese football who don’t want things to go the right way, and fans should be ‘surprised and disappointed’ when they become aware of it.

The journalist was asked by the host for more details about it, but he claimed their show is too short to explain it all, saying it should all be revealed another time.

That sounds like some domestic Portuguese drama, and could perhaps, and this would be a guess, be related to Sporting not coming down from that €65m level.

Braz’s segment on the show is already causing a fuss among Sporting fans, with some suggesting their own theories and others suggesting Braz just wanted to add some drama given he had no positive updates on the story.