Last week, claims around Manchester United interest in Lucas Hernandez built. Since winning the World Cup, and after a good season with Atletico Madrid, the Frenchman has seen his profile rise, and with it claims of interest.

The claims had started in France, but the Spanish media seemed determined to push it further, adding the dramatic slants they’re well known for and perhaps taking the story further than it ever went.

France Football had kicked it off, and literally all they said was: ‘But Real (Madrid, also interested) has not been cooled by this new clause, any more than Manchester United, also on the lookout.’

Marca give the story a full page in their Thursday edition, and focus on Manchester United. It’s stated the Premier League club tried to ‘tempt’ Lucas during the final week of the Premier League transfer window.

Manchester United are said to have placed the €80m on the table (not literally, it’d have to be a very big table) and offered to double Lucas’ wages, which is described as a tempting offer.

Lucas’ clause is €80m, so if he’d said yes then the deal would have been done. But he didn’t, and Marca make a point of saying he’s still very happy at Atletico Madrid.

Manchester United are still keen to get a deal done, according to the report, but Marca don’t talk up their chances.