With Portugal tonight facing Turkey in the World Cup Qualifiers’ play-offs, Turkish side Rizespor had a word with someone who knew a little something about the match.

Gedson Fernandes, who is currently on loan at the club until the summer, spoke about the important clash, and also made comments on some of his former teammates at the national team.

The midfielder brought his opinion on Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s been targeted by heavy criticism this season.

The 23-year-old pointed out the Manchester United forward remains a ‘legend’ at the national team, and had something to say about those who disagree with him.

“These are not people who understand a lot about football. He’s a legend. Everyone knows what he means to the Portuguese national team and what he has been up to,” said Gedson Fernandes (via Mais Futebol).

“People who make negative comments may look at the stats and not so much at the contribution to the team. He’s a very valuable player and I believe he will contribute a lot to us in every game.”

Portugal have a quite tough challenge ahead, as they face Turkey tonight, and in case of a win, have a final game against Italy or North Macedonia on Tuesday.

With Cristiano Ronaldo likely to have his last chance of playing the World Cup, the Manchester United star has big pressure from his country to do his best.