With new ownership comes inevitable change, and that’s what’s going to happen at Bordeaux in the next few months.

As well as extra funds likely arriving in the club’s coffers, a new man is expected to lead the scouting drive going forward: Eduardo Macia.

The Leicester head of scouting is “99%” expected to take over at the Ligue 1 club as their new director of football, which was a story first reported by Le Journal du Dimanche in France, and then confirmed by local outlet 20 Minutes.

Since then, we haven’t heard much about it, except for the fact that an English Twitter account is doing the rounds across the Channel, that of a certain Martin Cockshaw.

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For non-English speakers, the account could look relatively genuine, claiming to be a “FIFA accredited football agent”, and his last tweet being about Leicester City being ‘very unlucky tonight’.

That’s why his tweet about Eduardo Macia ‘leaving’ the Foxes in December to be replaced by Steve Walsh could be believed by someone just looking for some quick confirmation of the story in England.

That’s what’s happened in France, and the tweet has started doing the rounds as if it were actual information.

It isn’t, and you just need to look a bit further down the timeline to figure out why, where “Mr Cockshaw” just streams constant nonsense about Leicester City, claiming he’s ‘close friends’ with Claude Puel.

We highly doubt the Foxes’ manager is on the Real Madrid shortlist to replace Julen Lopetegui, nor is Harry Maguire on the La Liga giants’ radar.

Anyways, if you see anything in England claiming that, according ‘reports in France’, Eduardo Macia is being replaced by Steve Walsh, you now know where they’ve come from.