It would appear Liverpool and Wolfsburg are throwing out very different figures for Divock Origi’s loan move.

Whilst in England it’s been reported that Wolfsburg would pay a near unprecedented £6m loan fee, plus the player’s wages, in Germany it’s being reported very differently.

Bild say, according to their own information, that Wolfsburg are paying €3m for the season long Origi loan and not €6.5m (the £6m reported in England).

Jurgen Klopp can recall Origi during the January transfer window should Liverpool need the Belgian back, and there will be clauses meaning Wolfsburg pay more if Origi doesn’t play enough.

Bild use an example of Wolfsburg paying an extra 20% of top of the €3m fee if Origi doesn’t participate in 80% of the German club’s matches.

Such clauses are becoming increasingly common, especially when there’s widespread competition to loan a player. Liverpool will feel more secure in Origi getting a good amount of time on the pitch, otherwise it’ll cost the German club.

However, Bild are adament that whatever happens, Origi won’t be costing a £6m loan fee.