The Portuguese media usually keep daily updates on transfers that are happening, and sometimes, on those that aren’t happening as well. It’s really rare for them to be caught by surprise when one of their players are leaving the country.

But it seemed to be the case when Hadi Sacko showed up in Ireland with the Leeds United squad this weekend. They didn’t see it coming in the past days, and now don’t have a great deal of information on the transfer.

The 22-year-old was spotted in a picture posted by the Leeds assistant manager Pep Clotet after the squad arrived for the pre-season. No one really knew who the player was until the British press found out.

Now the Portuguese outlets have a few updates which seem more like guesses.

O Jogo claims that Leeds are having Sacko for a trial period and are evaluating the player to get him on a loan deal.

Mais Futebol “have learned” that the player’s future will be decided soon (thank you, captain obvious).

Record speculate that the player could have also finished his contract with Sporting and therefore sign with Leeds for free. However, they don’t state it, as they say that “there are those who claim that…”

The three articles agree that Sporting have authorised the player to go through a medical for Leeds, which isn’t exactly a surprise as the player is even wearing United’s training kit already.

The winger signed for Sporting from Bordeaux in 2014 for €1m. He never really gained prominence the Portuguese side and he has been on loan at his old club for these two seasons.

From what we’ve seen in the British press, it seems that the most likely scenario is for Leeds to have the player on loan. Sacko’s contract with Sporting runs until 2020, and just like most of the club players, he has a very high release clause: €60m.