With Fernandinho’s contract with Manchester City expiring at the end of the season, it’s inevitable to see rumours about his future.

There’s a little expectation the midfielder could return to Brazil, and with Jorge Sampaoli’s Atlético Mineiro being the most active club in the market, their interest in the 35-year-old was reported last week.

His arrival, however, was now ruled out by club director Rodrigo Caetano. The official not only claimed that Galo aren’t in contact for the signing, but also added there’s a chance Fernandinho could end up being Pep Guardiola’s assistant coach at Manchester City.

“Fernandinho talks a lot about being in a situation of end of contract. He’s a very good player on the field and better off it,” Rodrigo Caetano told Radio Super 91.7 (via O Tempo).

“By the way, there’s even a conversation to be part of Pep Guardiola’s coaching staff. But he has a situation that, when he returns to Brazil, he’d give preference to Athletico Paranaense. An interesting player because he’s very good on the field and off. But we have no negotiations underway with Fernandinho or his staff, at the moment.”

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Fernandinho’s former club Athletico Paranense have recently been ruling out the signing as well. On his Facebook page, club president Mario Cesar Petraglia claimed his side won’t have the money to compete for his arrival.

The midfielder’s agent has also admitted that they’ve had offers from Brazil and Europe. With only five months of contract with Manchester City, Fernandinho’s future is totally unpredictable.