When Pierre-Michel Lasogga was first left out of Leeds United’s squad there was some mystery over the reasoning. Illness then changed to an injury picked up in training, but right from the start it was all met with some suspicion in the Hamburg media.

Hamburger Morgenpost published an article at the time stating Leeds United beat Middlesbrough without Lasogga, who was ‘not even in the squad’. There wasn’t any mention of illness or injury, and readers, tending to be Hamburg fans, were left to assume something was wrong.

One HSV fan subsequently commented: ‘That sounds familiar’

A few days later the German newspaper followed up with similar, and Sport Witness explained: ‘It felt like MoPo were trying to stir the pot. A lot of the German reporting on Lasogga at Leeds United has had a negative slant, so it wasn’t a great surprise.

Given Lasogga also missed the match against Wolves on Wednesday evening, which Leeds United lost 4-1, there’s been a stirring follow up from MoPoThey call it a ‘riddle’ and they say that ‘officially’ the reason for the striker’s absence is illness, again making it all sound a little nudge-nudge-wink-wink.’

That then led to German fans believing Lasogga’s Leeds United stay was pretty much over. They’d clearly seen similar previously.

One annoyed HSV supporter commented: “The riddle about Lasogga is very clear. He’s just too weak for the 2nd league and it was quickly recognised. The problem is, he comes back to HSV and now the people in charge are faced with another problem. How does HSV get him from the payroll? Can only loan to who is willing to take him. Hopefully the contract will be over soon so that the HSV (then without Holtby and Lasogga these big earners for nothing) can breathe again.”

That was November 24th, and Lasogga hasn’t been in the squad in the more than 2 weeks since. So, of course, MoPo cover it again, and again it sounds like they’re hinting there’s something more to the situation.

With a headline stating ‘Lasogga continues only as an onlooker’, the newspaper say he was ‘again no use’.

That has led a fan to say ‘Injured on the leg. Is clear 🙂 Super Lasogga returns to HSV after the the first half of the season and sits there with Super Wood (American striker Bobby Wood) and their big contracts on the bench. If you didn’t laugh you’d cry about the stupidity of HSV.’

They’re clearly not convinced that all is what it seems at Leeds United.