Following reports from earlier this week, it now looks like a matter of time until the City Group announce the signing of Fluminense youngsters Kayky and Metinho.

A couple of outlets in Brazil have claimed there’s nearly a deal for the moves. While the forward is joining Manchester City, the midfielder should be on his way to Troyes.

Now as the stories have only reported the total amount for these transfers, TNT Sports brings an article today where they break down all the numbers involved.

Starting with Kayky, it’s said the Fluminense are selling 80% of him for €10m, plus potential €15m in bonuses.

From those extras, €8m are considered medium term, such as number of appearances for Manchester City. The other €7m are long term such as a Champions League title.

Now Metinho is moving for €5m, with the Brazilian club once again selling only 80%. His move has other €8m in bonuses, from which €5m are considered medium term and €3m long term.

TNT Sports adds that the clubs will have the right to buy the remaining 20% of each player once they make a certain number of appearances for these sides.

Even though Kayky and Metinho turn 18 before the summer transfer window, the duo should actually stay at Fluminense for one more year and complete their moves in 2022.