When Brazilians move to the Premier League, we normally see them complaining about only one thing, which is the weather.

As Bernardo Junior has just moved to Brighton during the summer, and during a good summer at that, he still hasn’t had time to see how cold and dark England is. But he’s unhappy about something, and that’s breakfast.

The problem is that players at the club don’t eat before the first 5km run in the morning, as he tells Globo Esporte. That’s why he’s been managing to break the rules a little.

“I was shocked. Where I played before, waking up and running without breakfast would be unimaginable,” Bernardo told Globo Esporte. “I can’t do it, so the day before, in the evening snack, I passed to pick up fruit and juice to have my own breakfast alone in the room.

“In official programming the breakfast is after (training), but it isn’t explicit that it has to be an absolute fasting. I ended up opting out, taking this snack to help to train.”

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But despite the hunger in the morning, Bernardo is really in love with his life in Brighton: “I’m really enjoying the city, by the sea… My apartment is facing the sea. By train I’m 50 minutes from London.

“Life has been great, and now having my house has improved it even more, even if it doesn’t have my furniture yet. The news for me is to drive ‘on the wrong side’. I got in the car a few days ago, I went to drive on my own. I’m not even listening to music on the radio, avoiding any distractions until I get used to it.”

Regarding Brighton’s goals for the season, Bernardo just expects the club to stay in the Premier League: “The Premier League is a very balanced league. Five or six more points take you from 17th place, which is relegation, to a 12th place. Our perspective is to make a better campaign than last year.

“With Leipzig the goal was to be promoted, we did it, then we came to stay second and fight for the title in Germany. It’s difficult to do something like this here, but our goal is to keep us in the Premier League and make a better campaign than last year.”