At the end of the last week, it really seemed like things were moving for Grêmio star Everton Cebolinha to make his way to the Premier League.

His agents were said to be in talks with Everton, with ‘great optimism’ that he could join the Goodison Park side in the January transfer window.

But it now looks like there hasn’t been any developments at the weekend, because according to Grêmio, the Toffees haven’t even made a bid for the player yet.

Club director Klauss Câmara spoke to the local press on Sunday, and when asked about the situations of Everton Cebolinha and Jean Pyerre, he said there hasn’t been offers for either of them.

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“It’s important to measure that there are many interests via the internet, Twitter and social networks. We actually consider a proposal which is formalised and delivered to the club. And this didn’t happen, so we don’t consider any kind of interest,” he said (via Zero Hora).

Last week, it was claimed the Toffees were preparing a bid of €30m for the player. There had been no reports what Grêmio’s response to that would be, even though they were demanding a lot more last summer.