With Belgian football currently in the middle of a large investigation surrounding football transfers, most of the stories published are on that subject.

On Thursday morning, we covered a story from De Tijn, which explained exactly what was happening, and revealed the deal taking Leander Dendoncker from Anderlecht to Wolverhampton Wanderers was being looked at.

Looking at what was being said, Wolves haven’t done anything illegal, and the subject of the investigation is more about what went on between player and agent afterwards, which Christophe Henrotay, the player’s representative, is very annoyed about.

Sending a letter to De Standaard, the man who also represents the likes of Thibaut Courtois and Youri Tielemans, pleaded his innocence.

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Stating he remains ‘serene’ about the ‘slanderous accusations’ that have been launched against him, which include him withholding money from several transfers at Anderlecht, including Romelu Lukaku’s to Chelsea, the agent made it clear he ‘never robbed players’.

He continued: “I find it outrageous that some people are taking advantage of the situation to throw everything together in order to hurt me in this manner”.

As for what he expects from the investigation, he believes it will all sort itself out and his name will be cleared once the ‘court does its job’.