Bjorn Engels has been repeatedly linked with a move to the Premier League. The Club Brugge central defender has been steadily building a reputation for himself, and isn’t scared of talking up a transfer.

In the past Engels has made it clear he feels a mid table club in the Premier League would suit him perfectly. And, speaking to Belgium’s HLN, Engels raved about his dream of moving to England’s top flight.

When asked by HLN what makes the Premier League so special for him, Engels explained: “Take West Brom against Burnley. The stadium is packed and it’s ‘go’ from the first to the last minute. Fantastic. The atmosphere, the interviews, analysis… I have at home a ‘box’ and can follow all channels: Sky Sports, ITV, FOX Sports.”

Engels is a Premier League nut, it’s not usually West Brom and Burnley who are held aloft as reasons to join the league. Given he’s not looking to move to one of England’s hugest clubs, West Brom and Burnley could even be reasonable destinations.

The 22 year old first wants to help Club Brugge finish the season well, and then leave on good terms so he can fulfil his England dream.