Leeds United’s chase for River Plate defender Lucas Martinez Quarta made quite some noise in the Argentine media this week.

Several local outlets had stories about the interest from the Championship side, with El Intransigente bringing the most complete article.

They write that in the past few days, Leeds United got the approval to make a heavy investment in the transfer window in case they clinch the promotion to the Premier League.

And following the 1-0 win over Swansea City on Sunday, their objective is very close to becoming a reality, so much so that Bielsa is reportedly already ‘preparing for next season’.

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El Intransigente doesn’t make it sound like there would be a lot of resistance from River Plate, as they actually see Quarta as one of the club’s biggest assets to make a good profit this summer.

However, it’s claimed that there have been no contacts from Elland Road so far, despite stating multiple times the player is in their ‘crosshairs’ for the upcoming Premier League campaign.

The news about this chase has been going back and forth between the English and the Argentine media at the weekend, so it’s hard to guess where the claims about Leeds’ budget have come from.

Last month, Sport Witness managed to confirm that Leeds United have been chasing Quarta for a while, even though our sources also claimed that there’s been no talks for the transfer yet.