The Italian media often refer to a transfer negotiation reaching the stage of ‘white smoke’.

This is in reference to when a new Pope is chosen, which is signalled by white smoke coming from a chimney above the Sistine Chapel. If it’s black smoke, then there’s still no agreement and the talks need to continue.

On Tuesday evening, FC Inter News reports there’s ‘grey smoke’ on two potential Leeds United signings. That’s obviously somewhere between the two, and the footballers involved are Facundo Colidio and Ryan Nolan.

It would appear to be Colidio, an Argentine striker, who is stopping the smoke from turning white and the transfers happening.

FC Inter News say the formula of a transfer is the problem, with the insinuation Leeds and Inter are yet to come to an agreement on whether it will be a loan or not, and what clauses will be included for both clubs at the end of such.

These transfers are in the ‘decisive hours’.