The Italian media are starting to sound a little annoyed with Leicester City, on behalf of AS Roma.

Riyad Mahrez to Roma has gone on for long enough, and presumably it’s believed the Foxes should have capitulated by now and sent their star to the Italian capital for whatever it is Roma are offering.

The amounts change from report to report but the gist seems to be that Roma have offered a big headline figure with a lot made up of bonuses. Leicester have quickly seen through this and rejected such an approach, demanding instead that there’s a bigger transfer fee upfront.

For a long time Roma have prided themselves on being good at transfers, and after signing up Monchi as their director of football there’s a confidence verging on cockiness, but Leicester are refusing to be their prey.

Gazzetta dello Sport don’t seem to have an awful lot in terms of updates for Roma fans wanting Mahrez. In their Tuesday edition the Italian newspaper states ‘these are decisive days’ on Mahrez to Roma, with that entirely based upon Leicester’s Premier League campaign starting on August 11th.

Claims of Mahrez being set for a Roma medical are rubbished, with the Italian club denying that to Gazzetta, and the Italian newspaper blaming beIN Sports.

Leicester City using Mahrez in pictures advertising their kit is seen as a media ploy by the Foxes, to send out a message that he still very much belong to them.

Because he does.

Roma and the Italian media can jostle as much as they like, but until an acceptable offer arrives at Leicester City, nothing will change.