Over the past few days, there have been rumours that Liverpool could make a move for Luis Diaz as early as this month.

They came from the English media, but their Portuguese counterparts are now bringing their own side of things, with A Bola coming out with a rather big claim.

The newspaper on Friday explain that, according to their information, Liverpool are ‘willing to offer €70m fixed for the player’s transfer, to which €10m must be added in bonuses attainable by the Colombian’.

Those two figures put together ‘add up to €80m’, which is ‘the exact amount of the star’s release clause’.

Since it’s not €80m up front, Porto still appear to have a say in the matter, but if they ‘accept and the player gives his consent, he will go elsewhere’.

In fact, ‘the deal is underway’, but there is something that ‘could delay’, because ‘the footballer’s agent’, Carlos Van Strahalen, ‘isn’t allowing interference’ from other parties in the matter, ‘and there are many who want to intervene between the two in order to pocket a portion of the commission’.

If the deal were to take place, though, then Porto ‘makes a very interesting financial allocation’ for a club who has a few economic issues of late.

As for Liverpool’s side of things, ‘the player has been followed for a long time, and with both Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané heading off to the Africa Cup of Nations, ‘the need became even more acute’.

A lot comes down, A Bola say, to Julian Ward, a scout for the Anfield side ‘who has been following the player’s evolution’.