Even after all the frustration from the failed West Ham transfer in the summer window, it seems William Carvalho is still hopeful he can get a move out of Sporting.

Still linked to many clubs, the midfielder doesn’t want to change his release clause so he can be signed more easily, according to O Jogo.

The newspaper reports that William is currently negotiating a new contract with the Lions, in which his salary will go from €1.2m to €1.8m after tax.

But despite accepting the pay rise, he doesn’t want to change the contract length or the release clause, as he knows it would make it more difficult to be bought by other clubs.

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Since the summer window, William has been mostly linked to four clubs: West HamEverton, Juventus and Monaco.

With both West Ham and Everton not making great campaigns and sacking their managers, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the player favours a move to Monaco or Juve now.

But with a lot to happen before next summer, maybe there’s still enough time to convince him. The ‘English dream’ is not something new for William, and at least for now, that could count for something.

Now there’s another factor that could favour the West Ham move, new manager David Moyes.

William Carvalho has been linked to numerous clubs in the past few years. But at the time he was said to be wanted by Manchester United, David Moyes was the manager. We even pointed out that the Scottish boss was coincidentally in Paris in the same day as Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho during the reported negotiations in 2014. It seemed like claims of interest had something to back them up, and something which led straight back to Moyes.

So with both Moyes and West Ham having failed to sign Carvalho in the past, trying to get their old target would make more sense than ever now. Especially with his wish to leave.

Firstly, though, Moyes needs to make West Ham attractive.