By having a very good season at Chelsea, David Luiz is recovering his prestige in Brazil. The player’s reputation was damaged after the 7-1 defeat to Germany in the 2014 World Cup, but time is slowly healing those impressions.

The Brazilian media is now giving him the attention he had before, and journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira from ESPN Brasil spoke to the defender about Chelsea’s form.

Talking about the €35m move which took him from PSG back to Chelsea, David Luiz said: “I’ve lived here for many years before moving to Paris. Regarding the facilities, what I found has’t changed much. It’s all top-notch. They offer us the best conditions to do what we love, which is to play football.”

The player was asked why he returned to Stamford Bridge after spending two seasons away from London: “I love this club and I saw that if I came back it was because there was a story to continue. I didn’t win the Premier League in my first spell and this is a goal I have now. To help how I can to win this championship. Conte has been great in that regard.”

Speaking of the three-defenders system used by Antonio Conte, the defender claims the squad is pretty used to it now: “We quickly understood the philosophy and system that Conte likes to play. He made us understand even more that the collective dedication to a system is crucial for the individualities to stand out.

“We know how to play with and without the ball, both in attack and defence. If we are without the ball, everyone knows how to defend, and with it everyone one knows his role to help the attack.”

Luiz also talked about Antonio Conte’s energy on the touchline: “Conte is a manager who loves what he does and it affects all of us who love football. Every training and every game is a manifestation of how winning and competing is important to him, so for us, the motivation to keep the focus is always high.”

David Luiz already has 18 appearances for Chelsea this season, with a total of 180 games if counting his first spell. He’s won a Champions League, a Europa League and an FA Cup with the club.