John Bico, who represented Eden Hazard earlier in the Belgium international’s career, has been speaking to the media about the player’s transfers to and then away from Chelsea.

The Spanish media have jumped on Bico’s comments about the switch from Stamford Bridge to Real Madrid being a mistake, with the agent believing Hazard would have been better staying at Chelsea for a further season before making a move to Barcelona.

A less physical style of play at the Camp Nou could have helped, and he would have been able to spend an extra year at Chelsea getting back to top fitness. There’s also an interesting question and answer for Tottenham supporters.

Spurs were one of multiple clubs linked with Hazard when he was leaving Lille for the Premier League, and the player made the most of the attention he got at the time.

Speaking to Belgium’s DH, and asked why a move to Tottenham failed, Bico said: “You have to remember that Tottenham at the time played the best football in England and even in Europe. The team was exceptional: Walker, Parker, Modric, Bale, Defoe. Except Daniel Levy was too honest to guarantee that Bale and Modric were going to stay. If Bale and Modric had stayed, Eden would have gone to Tottenham.”

That would have been quite some team for Spurs to pull together, however, it wasn’t to be and Hazard made himself a Premier League superstar at Chelsea instead.