Spanish newspaper Sport say Tottenham’s Daniel Levy has put his foot down after rumours linking Dele Alli with a move to Real Madrid. It’s claimed Levy has sent a clear ‘We won’t sell Dele Alli’ message to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, and therefore scared the Spanish club off.

At least, that’s what Sport says.

It’s worth noting Sport is a Spanish newspaper of the Catalan variety, so they love poking Perez with any stick they can.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 10.24.43The story of Perez being left mentally scarred after dealing with Levy and Tottenham over the Gareth Bale and Luka Modric transfers is one which is wheeled out routinely.

Sport probably hope this has happened, rather than having any real information. However, it’s worth pointing out quite strongly that in Spain ‘Dele Alli to Real Madrid’ simply hasn’t been ‘a thing’.

It may have been reported a couple of times, probably based on English rumours, but it would be absolutely incorrect to say that in Spain there’s a clamour for the Tottenham midfielder to be signed.

If he continues his current goalscoring form then that may change, but probably not for a while, so there’s no need for Tottenham fans to worry and no need for Florentino Perez to have sleepless nights worrying about Daniel Levy.