At the weekend, Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet had a feature on Christian Eriksen and him keeping his mouth shut about his future.

As always, the media in Denmark have been waiting for any sign to dive even deeper into transfer rumours for the Tottenham player.

They’ve not been getting that from Eriksen himself and they’ve certainly not been getting it from the Spanish media.

Whilst Ekstra Bladet and BT will jump on any tiny half rumour in Spain, and build it to be something it very much isn’t, they’re not even getting that at the moment.

Therefore, Ekstra Bladet decided that Eriksen saying nothing actually meant he was saying everything.

They went with a headline saying: ‘Eriksen’s silence reveals everything’

The Tottenham star being vague about his future made it ‘obvious’ that he’s ‘about to close the door’ on the club.

That was such a stretch, it can only be hoped that Ekstra Bladet warmed up prior.

Today, still on the same theme, they’ve got a big article saying 15 members of the Denmark squad could be moving this summer… and who should be the star and get the front cover of the sport section?

Christian Eriksen.

Despite his happy face being plastered all over the feature, the only real text is: ‘He won’t comment: talk about the future. It points to a summer move – one year before expiry. There has long been speculation about where to play. The rumours will go on in the coming months. The brakes can stay on if Daniel Levy demands too much for him.’

So Daniel Levy seems to hold the transfer dreams of a nation in his grasp, and may well crush them.

That said, it’s worth again pointing out that there’s no great clamour in Spain, and the only recent Italian claims were that Eriksen’s agents had tried to get Juventus interested, which didn’t really work.