There are so many claims about Paul Pogba moving to Manchester United that it’s hard to keep up with them all. Therefore, we thought it may be a good idea, if only for our own sanity, if we compile a list of most of the reports on a daily basis around continental Europe and stick them all in one place.

First up, Italy.

Italy is the home of transfer rumours. Indeed, there’s no way of checking, but in certain ways it may be the country’s biggest export.

On Wednesday Italian newspaper La Repubblica published an article explaining that it would be such a shame if footballers like Pogba and Gonzalo Higuain leave Italy.

Despite their worry, they stated that if Manchester United were to make an official bid of €123m (£102.6m) for the 22-year-old, Juventus would sell.

Over at Turin newspaper Tuttosport, who seem rather calm about the whole thing, they asked ‘famous agent’ Franco Zavala what he thought Juventus should do. Zavala explained Juventus should refuse any sale.

On Page 4 of Tuttosport’s newspaper today was an article explaining the club don’t need to sell Pogba, whatever the money. That’s a theory repeated elsewhere, with the idea being that whatever he’s worth now, he’ll be worth in a year and Juve will get more football out of the player.

Gazzetta dello Sport’s biggest online Pogba article right now is that he’s died his hair white, flown to Hollywood, and is being driven around in a bright pink car.

There’s no big claims in their Wednesday newspaper.

Over in Spain they’re interested because of the Real Madrid link and Marca (strictly a story from yesterday, but it was very well hidden) reported that Pogba had agreed to join Manchester United as his first choice, rather than Real Madrid.

Personal terms of €13m a year, after tax of course, were said to be agreed, but no fee with Juventus. Similar to claims in Italy, Marca said Juventus would prefer to keep Pogba for another season, confident his price wouldn’t drop.

In France, the media slant on Pogba today is about the player’s new haircut, and Emmanuel Petit saying he wasn’t the worth money being mentioned… and Luis Saurez would be a better bet.