It’s so often the clubs that pay.

And Jese Rodriguez is a prime example of that.

Even with allowances for his personal problems, Jese has been a disaster of a footballer for a while now and is in very serious danger of seeing his top level career slip away.

On loan at Stoke City this season, the club made such a fanfare of his arrival that it had people with any idea of Jese’s PSG situation pulling pained faces. It’s not even the benefit of hindsight, these things were said at the time, Stoke City weren’t getting the player they seemed convinced was arriving.

All the fanfare was almost certainly the wrong approach, here was a player whose head had long ago blasted off into the stratosphere, and Stoke were presented him like a genuine world class footballer.

Unsurprisingly, it’s been a terrible experience. Stoke have done all they can to help Jese with his personal issues, but he’s not shown the same commitment back. Recently going missing and then being announced by a musician as attending a reggaeton concert in Las Palmas (his sick child is in Madrid), there’s also been claims of him partying in Barcelona.

Now PSG have a problem. They need to get rid. But no club in their right mind is going to pay money for Jese… are they?

Don’t rule it out, but former director of football Damien Comolli, now a pundit in France, believes PSG will have to let him go for free: “Currently, his value is zero. Either PSG terminates his contract by writing him a cheque, or he tells him: Agree with a club and behind we negotiate a percentage in case of resale.”