The Emiliano Sala bandwagon is in full swing, with Crystal Palace constantly being linked with the Nantes striker, who now has 11 goals and one assist in 13 league games this season.

The Eagles are currently solely relying on Wilfried Zaha going forward, who has a measly three goals in the Premier League, while Roy Hodgson appears to have lost faith in Alexander Sørloth, who presents a similar profile to the Argentine.

The thing is, Sala’s form has been so good that Friday saw one of his former managers telling Le Parisien that if it continued, ‘it would be hard for the Argentina national manager to ignore him for much longer’, and that’s with the likes of Sergio Agüero and Paulo Dybala at his disposal.

Most of the transfer talk has been spread by the English media, with claims of €28m offers being prepared, but France have kept relatively quiet on the matter.

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L’Equipe did have an article a few days ago, with Crystal Palace mentioned specifically, and now we’ve got an update, nearly a week later, not regarding a transfer, but about something else that could certainly affect a future transfer: his contract.

His current deal is due to expire in 2020, meaning next summer would be the last opportunity for Nantes to cash in, and Waldemar Kita is somewhat worried about this.

The Nantes president has been trying to tie the 28-year-old down to a longer contract, but he’s somewhat struggled, as explained by the normally well informed Emmanuel Merceron, who claims the situation is ‘beyond stuck’, as well as hinting the club could end the season without their star striker.

The reason behind this is that Sala’s agent is ‘greedy’, and the forward is ‘rather open for an exit ASAP’, as he ‘really wants to leave’ the Ligue 1 club for England.

As for the interest, Merceron states there has yet to be ‘real interest’, but a few clubs have ‘asked for information’ after the agent ‘started making moves in England’.

No bids on the horizon just yet, then, and it sounds like most of the stuff we’re hearing from England could be the representative trying to engineer a move.