Even though his club Botafogo won’t be winning the Brazilian league this year, Crystal Palace shareholder John Textor is getting all the spotlight ahead of the final fixture.

We recently covered stories from the local media which show the ‘fiasco‘ lived by the Rio de Janeiro side, who were 13 points clear on top of the table and are now 5th.

Textor, however, doesn’t believe that Botafogo’s clear poor form is the only reason they dropped all those points. Globo Esporte features some information stating the Crystal Palace shareholder believes there’s a conspiracy against his club.

The quotes are from Sportv pundit André Rizek.

“He’s going on the attack. He’s being sued by the CBF for saying there’s corruption, but he’s going to double down. The Good Game!’s report doesn’t just talk about this year’s Brasileirão, it talks about last year too. He’s going to double down. He’s going to take this report, which he, Textor, thinks is robust, pointing out many refereeing errors.

“He’s not going to stop. Textor believes that there is manipulation of results in Brazil, that the results are strange.”

Rizek claimed that it was Textor himself who paid for the report, as he already used the same services at Lyon.

“I read the whole report. Several of the shots that were labelled ‘clear errors’ were treated as successes by the referee commentators. Several of the behaviours that the company described as ‘strange’, we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. It’s a report from a company he hired, which already provides services to Lyon, and he’s going to take this report to the Common Justice system.

“It’s not my opinion, I have to say that I look at the plays and I disagree with the report. But it points out that there are many clear errors for Palmeiras.”

Textor doesn’t even speak Portuguese, so it makes it a little difficult for him to have clear communication with the Brazilian media. The only big interview he gave about this subject was when he was furious at the pitch after a Botafogo game.

Despite being a part owner of Crystal Palace, it seems clear how much more focused he is on Botafogo and Lyon right now.