Surprising claims from Brazil this week say three English sides are currently following Thiago Pinto.

Outlet Lance reports Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace and Fulham are all interested in signing the player, who currently belongs to Catalan side Manresia.

The chase has been confirmed by the player’s agent, who isn’t named, and it’s said he’s currently negotiating the 19 year old’s move to the United Kingdom.

Thiago Pinto signed for Manresia this summer. The club currently play in the Spanish fourth division, which is actually an amateur league, and this is said to be the youngster’s first ‘professional’ challenge.

Although Lance call Thiago Pinto ‘one of the Brazilian football’s revelations’, that’s greatly stretching things (we’ve never heard of him), even though a few websites mention his past in Barcelona’s youth ranks.

Perhaps it’s true that Crystal Palace, Fulham and Charlton are all after the player, although we wonder what convinced them to go and check out a fourth division side.