After opening a 2-0 score against Manchester United at the Selhurts Park last night, Crystal Palace players would obviously be quite upset to leave the ground with anything but a win.

But the London side couldn’t hold the Red Devils’ comeback, who with a screamer from Matic at extra time, managed to get a surprising 3-2 win, which kept Palace in the relegation zone.

Palace captain Luka Milivojevic has spoken to ESPN Brasil after the game, and couldn’t hide the disappointment with the way things happened.

“Very hard moment for us, for sure. After 2-0, to lose a game this way. I don’t know what to say, I’m very disappointed”, Milivojevic  told reporter João Castelo Branco, from ESPN Brasil.

“We have to continue to do our best. We have nine more games, nine final games for us. Ok, now we can be disappointed, but from tomorrow we have to put head up and prepare for a new game.”

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“Maybe we didn’t have luck. Maybe… I cannot say we didn’t deserve, because we deserved for sure. We worked hard, we played today a good game, we created a lot of chances against a top team and I don’t know, I hope the situation is gonna turn around to our side in a moment, I’m sure, if we continue like this.”

The game against Manchester United was just one of a quite difficult sequence Palace will have this month. They now visit Stamford Bridge next Saturday, then take a trip to Huddersfield on the other weekend, and in the last day of the month, host Liverpool in London. Not an easy March for a club who’s fighting relegation.