Since Sport Witness brought Leeds United’s offer for Kamil Jozwiak to an English audience on Wednesday lunchtime, we’ve been doing a little digging to find out more. And the further we scratch beneath the surface, the murkier it all becomes.

Unfortunately, Jozwiak’s relationship with Lech Poznan, where the 19 year old has been since 2011, seems to have broken down entirely. He and his representatives feel he should be getting more time on the pitch, and have been using the contract situation to try and force that.

Lech Poznan won’t put playing guarantees in the player’s contract, it’s simply something they feel they can’t and won’t do as a club, and each side has been digging further in.

Back on November 4th, Poland’s Fakt reported a last chance meeting was to be held on Monday. If no agreement was found, the idea then was to sell Jozwiak in the winter window. Even then it was known and reported he had an offer from Leeds United, which his representatives were gleefully ready to present, but the amount wasn’t mentioned.

Manager Nenad Bjelica was quoted as saying: “We will talk to Kamil. This will be a conclusive conversation. Kamil is to give us the final answer, whether he will or won’t. We didn’t want this situation because it’s not good for a young player. Unfortunately, such is life, this is how the ball rolls. He must understand that Lech is above every footballer and every coach.”

The Leeds United target hasn’t played since August, after contract talks stalled, although Lech’s vice-president Piotr Rutkowski is credited with insisting it’s simply because the youngster can’t convince the manager to pick him… there doesn’t seem a great number of people in Poland buying that stance.

Monday’s meeting didn’t go very well. In fact, it went so badly that Lech Poznan issued an official statement on their website. Lech stated Jozwiak’s agent refused the final offer, and the club’s vice-president is quoted as saying: “It’s a painful loss for us, it is difficult for us to understand this decision and we are disappointed. Kamil in the colours of Lech developed harmoniously, got a chance to perform in the first team, taste the European cups, received calls to the youth of Poland. In spite of his weaker form in the last few months, we still trusted him, and we wanted to keep connected to him for a long time.

“Of course, we will keep our fingers crossed and, despite regret, we wish him good luck. We would love to go through the already well trodden route of our other academy players. We are convinced that he’s not ready to go abroad yet, he lacks the experience.”

It’s in this climate that Leeds United’s €200k offer, plus a percentage of a future transfer, was received and rejected, and the club’s stance has turned to a summer exit, rather than a winter sale. Perhaps just because they’re so annoyed with how talks have gone.

Przeglad Sportowy and others in Poland have reported Jozwiak will now leave Lech Poznan, and Poland, next summer. A bigger offer from Leeds United could change that, or perhaps even more pressure to accept the current one.

Whilst Leeds’ €200k may be considered poor, if it ends up the only offer in town then Lech are faced with accepting that or losing the player, who they’re not using anyway, for nothing.

With there still plenty of time between now and the winter window, there’s no specific rush to come to a conclusion.