Chelsea supporters and manager Antonio Conte will be pleased to know Didier Deschamps is treating N’Golo Kante with upmost care.

The former Leicester City midfielder covers more ground than most during a Premier League game, and those in charge of the France national team are making sure they don’t overwork the player, leading to a potential injury.

French newspaper L’Equipe explain in their Tuesday edition that due to the Chelsea midfielder having a heavy workload in recent weeks, he’s been given an individual fitness programme, rather than training with the rest of the national squad.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 07.44.27There’s no mention of a specific injury that Kante may be carrying, or any kind of muscle strain, but France and Deschamps want to make sure they don’t push the Chelsea player over the edge and create an issue.

It’s in stark contrast to how several other countries push their players on international duty and Conte can only be relieved that France haven’t instead tried to get the last juice out of the player.