Following the 3-1 win over Manchester United, during which Neymar scored two goals, the Brazilian was all smiles.

So much so, in fact, that the winger made it clear he had one wish in the future, and that was to once again play with his former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi.

He, perhaps not so jokingly, stated he’d ideally like to do so as early as next season, which could very well happen if the Argentine, already wanting to leave the Nou Camp this summer, decides to try something new.

RMC Sport have a big article on the matter, looking the feasibility of Neymar’s claims, and they certainly provide some hope for the reunion.

They explain the Paris Saint-Germain star ‘contacted Messi this summer to suggest to him to come’ to the Ligue 1 champions, during which ‘he explained that with him, PSG would win the Champions League and he would be the happiest man in such a nice city”.

Someone close to Neymar told RMC: “This summer, Ney did everything to get Messi in Paris. He told him he was really happy at PSG. Messi hesitated. He thought about it. Ney wants to play him with and wants him to come to PSG next summer, but it’s a complicated deal because everyone wants Leo”.

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It’s no secret that Leonardo, the French side’s technical director, ‘strongly studied’ the idea of trying to sign Messi, with all financial elements studied. 

In the end, it was ‘too difficult for Paris taking into account the lack of time to organise such a complex deal’.

Next summer, however, could be different.

A source close to PSG told RMC: “You never know. The club has already proven they are capable of things few thought doable by getting Ney and Kylian in the same summer. It would be crazy and especially not professional to not think about or work on a deal of a player who’s free and who has one of his best friends at the club. Even for two seasons, having Neymar and Messi in the same team would be incredible”.

The next few months will be key for the French club, who need to renew both Neymar and Mbappé, and while things are going well with the Brazilian, that isn’t the case with the striker.

Should they fail to reach a deal and end up selling their young superstar, valued at €200m, that would allow PSG to ‘project themselves more easily on the arrival of Lionel Messi’.

There’s a lot of ifs and buts in there, but it’s certainly feasible, and while there is the lure of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, the appeal of reuniting with Neymar will certainly not be lost on the Argentine.