Alexander Isak scored two goals for Newcastle United at the weekend, as the Magpies secured a brilliant 4-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

It had been Ange Postecoglou’s side who were expected to win, yet great performances from Isak and others meant Eddie Howe’s team clinched all three points.

Isak’s star has been rising further this season, and those two goals take him to a total of 21, an impressive 17 of which came in the Premier League.

That has of course seen links with other clubs, with one of the media slants being that Newcastle United’s financial battles require a big sale and Isak is the likely option.

There’s been denials on that from the Magpies and the player himself hasn’t seemed keen to talk up the prospect. Despite that the claims have continued and nearly every time they’re picked up by the Swedish media, who are obviously very interested in their compatriot’s future.

At the weekend, Frida Fagerlund wrote a column for Aftonbladet which insisted, in strong terms, that Newcastle shouldn’t even be considering it.

A transfer “would be crazy”, and it’s explained how Isak is also an important team component, working well and demanding more from those around him.

He’s the pride of Sweden and set to eclipse Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s record of 17 Premier League goals in a season. Isak is defended against suggestions he sometimes appears “lazy” and those who say as much “couldn’t be more wrong”.

The Newcastle United player is described as “a guy who really cares” about his team… and therefore the Magpies are urged to find something else to sell if they really need to.