At the start of the week, Brazilian side Fluminense announced that midfielder Metinho was on his way to his new club in Europe this summer.

It’s been widely reported that he’s been sold to the City Group, but unlikely his teammate Kayky, who’s heading to Manchester City next year, he’s actually expected to join Troyes at first.

Both players were supposed to complete the moves next year, and when Fluminense announced that Metinho is going now, it sounded more like that was request from the European side, as it normally happens.

However, in an interview with Netflu, the player’s father now claims there’s another reason for the early move.

It’s said that when agreeing the deal with the City Group and Manchester City, the Rio de Janeiro side had promised the midfielder would be used this year, and that isn’t happening.

“The situation is that Metinho is not playing and Manchester City had agreed with them, but they were cowards and didn’t put the kid to play”, Abel Silu told Netflu.

“They only gave him a chance once, against Portuguesa. And he played well, then he wasn’t in the squad again. After a few days, he asked for more chances and I knew that Roger thought that attitude was bad. And he didn’t use him anymore.

“Imagine that you have a child in the house, hungry and the father will punish him when he asks for food. That’s what they did with Metinho at Fluminense.”

Metinho is expected to be officially sold to Manchester City and then move to Troyes on a loan deal.

The 18-year-old is still to make his debut on first team level.