Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho has given an interview to ESPN Brasil this week. Given Barcelona’s fantastic win over Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League on Wednesday, he was asked about the comeback.

The question was especially framed around Neymar. With the Barcelona star and Philippe Coutinho being close friends, reporter João Castelo Branco asked the Liverpool player what he said to his international teammate after the match.

“I just said congratulations,” Coutinho told ESPN Brasil. “His match was incredible, as always. Not just him, the Barcelona team. What they did there was incredible. They really made history.”

So João Castelo Branco took the chance to ask Coutinho about his recent links with Barcelona, with the rumours being widely covered in Brazil at the time.

The Liverpool player didn’t really want to encourage the situation, and preferred to speak about the new contract he’s recently signed with the Reds: “Well, actually, that’s one thing that I leave to my representative. He takes care of these things”.

“Since we are in the middle of the league, we are focused on doing well in winning the title.”

“We started talking about the contract in the middle of this season. So we’re focused on the season, not thinking about other places.

“So having the opportunity to stay here for more time is important.”

After Jurgen Klopp claimed the player was not for sale, Coutinho signed a new contract with Liverpool last January. The new deal will now be running until 2022.