As part of their latest Philippe Coutinho propaganda, Sport have gone with a big claim about a €120m offer, but then forget to mention that offer anywhere in their article.

In another article about the Liverpool star, Sport state personal terms are already agreed. Coutinho and Barcelona came to an understanding in June on a five year contract, and the Catalan newspaper say that’s being stuck to.

Sport claim, in their ‘confidencial’ section, that Coutinho has had to understand the economic realities of joining Barcelona right now means taking less money than he could otherwise get at Liverpool.

This kind of thing comes from the Catalan media a lot during transfer pursuits. A player will reportedly take a wage cut because their desire to play at the Camp Nou is so strong it pushes money to one side.

However, that doesn’t quite fit in with the huge problem Barcelona have with their wage bill, which has spiralled out of control. Something somewhere doesn’t match.

Nevertheless, with the personal terms said to be agreed, it’s now down to Liverpool’s owner FSG being kind enough to agree a fee with Barcelona.