Thibaut Courtois is looking forward to the FA Cup Final against Manchester United. Willy Caballero is also excited, hoping he’ll start the match having done so in every other round of the competition.

But Courtois is Chelsea’s undisputed first choice and seems to believe he’s going to get the nod.

The goalkeeper has been speaking to the Belgian media, with his words across publications in the country on Thursday.

Here’s a little snippet from HLN: ‘Are you sure you’ll be preferred to Willy Caballero?

(laughs) “I have heard that it is the intention to let me play.”‘

There’s nothing wrong with laughing, and it’s impossible to define the context, but Courtois has a habit of coming over as somewhat arrogant in interviews sometimes.

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To further underline that he expects to playing in the match for Chelsea, Courtois spoke about facing international teammate Romelu Lukaku.

The Manchester United striker will hope to be fit for Sunday’s match, and when DH asked if the goalkeeper is ready to face his compatriot, Courtois said: “He has no more secrets for me, everyone knows him, he is powerful, fast, has a good shot, is good with the head, I know his qualities and faults. To know where he is going to shoot.”

After the match, both men will then turn their attention towards the World Cup, with pressure and expectation already building around the Belgium squad.