Every window, regardless of which club he’s at, Marko Arnautovic will be the subject of transfer claims.

Some of it will come from those who represent the player, and other things will just be the work of the rumour mill.

The West Ham player has this week been linked with what would be a surprise return to Inter Milan. He played for the club for a short period at the beginning of his career, and his attitude whilst there wasn’t exactly great.

Since the Inter return claims started, Arnautovic has spoken to the Austrian media, and is quoted by Kronen Zeitung as saying: “Nobody called me, my brother, who is my manager, did not call me either, the newspapers like to put my name in the mouth when it comes to transfers. Maybe I’m on a list, but there is nothing concrete, and I have a contract with West Ham.

“Of course I’m attracted to the Champions League, no matter where. But that’s what every footballer will say. I’m very happy in the Premier League, my tendency is not to call my brother and say: Please get me out of West Ham right now.”

It’s being reported by Sky Sports Austria that Inter Milan will have a scout at the country’s match with Slovenia on Friday, and the rest of the Austrian media are already pondering if that could be to watch the striker.