Tottenham Hotspur attacker Lucas Moura has spoken to the Brazilian media after the 7-2 defeat to Bayern Munich for the Champions League last night.

Clearly upset with the result, the player has talked to Esportivo Interativo about the ‘historical’ loss to the German side, claiming that they must take a lesson from it.

“A very difficult night for us. I think after their team scored the fifth goal, we no longer had the strength to react and every one of their attacks was fatal’, Lucas Moura told Esporte Interativo.

“Anyway, it’s hard. I think we have to fix a lot of points. I think this defeat has to serve a lot, for us to raise our heads, for us to get up, because this season has been very difficult for us.”

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As always, the Brazilian media and fans kept wondering why Lucas Moura didn’t start the match, as he was only brought in after 71 minutes, when Spurs were trailing 4-2.

The player has shown he wasn’t happy with Mauricio Pochettino’s decision to keep him on the bench, although he claims to respect all of the manager’s choices.

“Of course I get a little upset because every player wants to play. It’s normal. Especially in Champions League games, especially when the last Premier League game I didn’t play. Anyway, it’s complicated. But what can I do? I have to keep working, always respect the coach’s decision.”

“But I’m doing my best, feeling good in practice and in every time I come in. But that’s what I can do. Now I can’t make the decision. Of course every player wants to play. I feel very useful and I can help the team.”

Moura may be upset now, but when interviewed by the Brazilian media in the summer, things were a lot worse. He wasn’t happy that Pochettino benched him in the Champions League final, especially because he had been the hero against Ajax in the semifinals and the manager didn’t even speak to him when leaving him out of the game against Liverpool.