The media closest to Sevilla continue to send out a clear message regarding West Ham’s interest in Yousef En-Nesyri.

Figures of around €30m, being mentioned in England with regards to a Hammers offer, aren’t considered anywhere near the amount the La Liga club would need for a transfer this month.

Estadio Deportivo, the regional sports newspaper for Sevilla, said so on Monday morning, and ABC Sevilla have followed suit.

They state the Spanish club are aware they can’t let go of such an important player now, however, it’s then stated that if they were to do so they’d need a ‘much higher amount’ than West Ham have so far offered.

ABC go on to say: ‘Of course, if the offer were much higher, it would be considered because, as José María Cruz, general manager of Sevilla, said, the club has to face an exit from an important player by the end of the year, since the coronavirus crisis it has affected the economy, like most of world football.’

So far there’s been no indication of what would be an acceptable amount for Sevilla, just that it needs to be much higher than something around €30m. Whether West Ham are willing to go much higher is doubtful, given the other striker options they’ve been linked with this month are almost all considered much cheaper.

Sevilla may well be playing a game, and the ‘much higher’ could be in reality not be such a jump, and the situation should become clearer in the coming days.