Bosnia and Herzegovina have been warned that they cannot afford to get rid of Sheffield United defender Anel Ahmehodžić despite his recent decision not to turn up for international duty.

Former Bosnian international turned coach Feđa Dudić has commented on the Sheffield United man and why his international future cannot be brought to a premature end.

Ahmehodžić has found himself in hot water with his country after failing to turn up for duty in this international break despite being called up.

Reports in his homeland reported that he had ignored calls from team managers and players alike after failing to show up with the rest of the group.

The Sheffield United man later explained his absence was due to a minor injury which he felt had ruled him out, apologising for taking matters into his hands before then hinting at unspoken issues with the national team.

It’s since been explained that he will face disciplinary action over the incident, with Bosnia looking to speak to him before deciding what to do.

One potential outcome is that he is banned from international football completely, but Dudić says doing so to the Sheffield United man would be an unwise decision.

“I watched the young national team against Slovenia, I don’t see a bright future there. Maybe 1-2 players stand out. Realistically, we do not have a bright future,” he said.

“That’s why we must not give up on Anel Ahmedhodžić. Who can say that he doesn’t want to play for BiH? If he didn’t want to, he would play for Sweden. He gave BiH the advantage at the moment when he was a hit in Malmö and could choose.

“It is certain that there is something that is bothering him, that there is a background to his non-appearance. People, he plays in the Premier League, that’s where the situation has to be resolved.

“If he needs to be punished financially, he has to play for BiH. If we want good, some things must come to light, and they must be removed.

“Former coaches and players must also speak. They are silent while they are there, and even when they leave, they say something convoluted, that cannot be done if we want better football in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”