West Bromwich Albion continue to struggle to find a deal with Sporting for the transfer of Matheus Pereira, according to the Portuguese press today.

Newspaper Record say they’ve managed to confirm some information which originally came from the Express & Star. Similar had appeared in Portugal previously, but the media there don’t like crediting one another.

The Portuguese outlet claims West Brom continue trying to get the player on a loan deal, but the problem is in the buying option.

The first issue is that Sporting want the fixed amount to be €10m, and the Baggies consider it to be too much.

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There’s also the fact that the Lions want the buying clause to be obligatory, and that’s not something West Brom are agreeing to.

Record is pretty sure that Matheus Pereira is leaving Sporting this summer, since he’s not in manager Marcel Keizer’s plans for the season.

West Brom continue to be the main interested side. Schalke 04 even get a mention, but their interest doesn’t seem that strong. However, with the Baggies and Lions struggling to get to a deal, perhaps the German side will have a chance.