For the past couple of months, Richarlison has been a big part of the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina, taking it to social media quite often.

The Everton star was quite confident he’d beat his country’s South American rivals in the Copa America final, which didn’t happen. Then he returned to provoking Lionel Messi’s side following their elimination in the Olympics, and now following the suspended World Cup qualifiers.

Even though the rivalry exists and is big, most players don’t take it to a personal level. Two good examples of it are Neymar, who joined Argentine players despite losing the Copa America final, and Messi, who stayed talking to Brazilians following the suspension.

So when quizzed about Richarlison’s latest digs, Angel Di Maria had a few words about the Everton forward, claiming he needs to chill out a little.

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“That one felt it a lot, it’s over. Every now and then a story comes up with something. You have to let him know that the little game is over, it was just a little while,” Di Maria told ESPN (via Olé).

“I don’t know what he’s looking for. We won’t answer him anymore, he continues alone.”

Di Maria also talked about the friendly rivalry that Argentines have with their Brazilian teammates at Paris Saint Germain.

“We are bothering them every day. We are a lot and there’s only two of them, Neymar and Marquinhos. We always joke with ‘first us and second Brazil’. Ney takes it well, he likes to joke.”

Perhaps what Richarlison is lacking is an Argentine teammate at Everton.