Antonio Conte seems like a pretty determined chap. The Italian manager is hugely focused and that was a key theme during his time at Juventus. For the Italian national team it wasn’t so apparent, with there being a long time between international breaks, but with Juve things were intense almost constantly.

That led to fall outs, but also huge success and there can be little doubt that Conte will work to do everything in his power to be scuccesful at Chelsea, it’s simply in his make-up.

Spanish newspaper Marca believe that extends to targeting players too, and in a two page spread on Alvaro Morata at the front of their Monday newspaper, Marca explain how the player’s future is still unclear.

Morata returned to Madrid this summer on a buyback option, but Marca say he continues to be concerned over how big his role will be. Conte has apparently promised Morata he’d have an important role if he moved to Chelsea, and Marca say the manager telephones Morata ‘practically daily’.

Chelsea have put a €60m bid on the table, which works out to be about £50m. Zinedine Zidane is said to be trying to convince Morata that he will have a role at Madrid, and Conte is waiting with open arms.