Mino Raiola, according to several takes, doesn’t keep his clients on contracts. If ever they want to leave, it’s as simple as that, go and get a new agent.

And so it’s been assumed this week that Romelu Lukaku has left the Italian, with the Manchester United striker confirming a new relationship with Roc Nation, something which had been rumoured for some months.

But it may not be as simple as Lukaku swapping Raiola for Roc.

On the face of it, Roc Nation aren’t known to represent footballers in huge transfers, but rather to market them off the pitch. This could be a new path they’re taking, and where better to start than with a Manchester United player, but it may also be something completely different.

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At Sport Witness we’ve done some digging, contacted Raiola and his assistants, and are yet to have a definitive reply either way.

Over in Belgium, Het Nieuwsblad believe the new relationship doesn’t end the Raiola link, saying: ‘The deal with Roc Nation Sports is purely about his commercial interests on the other side of the pond.’

Perhaps it’s odd that if Raiola continues to be Lukaku’s agent, it hasn’t been made clear, but then it would be no surprise if the Netherlands born representative is teeing things up for another ‘bla, bla, bla’ moment.