Sporting Club de Portugal manager Ruben Amorim should be wary about taking the Liverpool job, as it could prove impossible to replace Jurgen Klopp.

That’s according to A Bola, who warn that the role could be something of a poisoned chalice for the Portuguese coach, even if he is the ‘complete package’.

Amorim has been roundly named as the favourite to succeed Klopp at Liverpool this summer when the German brings an end to his time in charge at Anfield.

He had only been considered an outside candidate previously but has seemingly jumped to the top of the list of options after Bayer Leverkusen manager Xabi Alonso publicly insisted he would be staying where he was.

A Bola, though, argue that ‘the perfect destination can also be the wrong one’ and that may be the case with Liverpool.

They argue that while Amorim is a complete package, in that he can control training, the bench and the press room all in one, the reality is that may not enough to be a success at Liverpool.

‘Amorim is, I repeat, the complete package. But even a package like that can reach the wrong destination and be useless. This is called context. At Anfield, this one is pretty special,’ they argue.

That is because ‘Liverpool is Klopp and vice versa’ and ‘today, the club and him are one, and the separation, in a few weeks, will be brutally painful for everyone. The fans will feel their flesh tearing apart, Klopp will wake up empty, without a soul, waiting for his family to fill him up again, recovering from all the time spent away from them.’

That will be a major problem for Amorim, who would have to somehow overcome that quickly and win everyone at Liverpool over.

The reality, though, is that he is more likely to be ‘a foreign body that the host will begin to refuse’ from the second he walks through the door.

Indeed, there is a danger that he would have to become ‘a bad copy or a forced copy of his predecessor’ and that ‘change, at this distance, seems almost impractical. Almost impossible.’

The feeling is that there is simply no way that Amorim, even while being the complete package and having proven as much during his time in Portugal, simply wouldn’t be enough for Liverpool post Klopp. They’ll be longing for the German manager and what he brought.

Thus ‘it is possible to be the complete package and still not feel like enough. As far as Liverpool is concerned, it could well be the perfect destination and, for now, it won’t be of any use to anyone else who doesn’t answer to… Jürgen. The life partner.’