Colombia’s big coverage of Everton continues, and as long as the Toffees have the likes of James Rodriguez and Yerry Mina in the squad, it probably won’t stop.

The country’s media is now showing repeated concern over the recent form of the Goodison Park side.

Marca Claro brings a story explaining this is the ‘lowest point’ in the partnership between Carlo Ancelotti and James Rodriguez.

They feature some data which shows that when at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, the duo never had less than 75% of the points disputed by those clubs. Now the percentage at Everton is 64%.

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They say that result isn’t bad, but is still not enough, since Premier League sides are unlikely to get to the top four if they have below 70%.

“A lot is left, it’s true, and they have already shown what they can do together, but there’s no time to lose,” Marca writes.

“The James Rodriguez-Carlo Ancelotti duo live their lowest hours in what will be the prelude to a tough streak for the Toffees.”

Meanwhile, the Colombian media also shows concern regarding Everton’s transfer intentions. With the Toffees now linked to Samuel Umtiti, there are stories wondering if that would represent any danger for Yerry Mina in the Toffees’ squad.