The average fan doesn’t get to know too many secrets about what goes on at football training, especially when it comes to conflict.

Aside from the occasional book or a behind the scenes documentary, what goes on in a dressing room is kept between everyone present.

Occasionally, though, someone decides to break ranks and share the details and thanks to Tottenham Hotspur coach Ricardo Moniz, we’ve been handed a juicy one about the goings on at Spurs in the past.

Moniz was at White Hart Lane between 2005 and 2008 before moving on and eventually becoming a manager.

He’s now in charge of SBV Excelsior and recently had a bit of a falling out with one of his players when he was forced to send Luigi Bruins away from training.

That happened in front of the press, naturally causing plenty of talk and the odd suggestion there may be something deeper.

However, that’s not the case, with the former Spurs coach revealing that falling outs are a common thing at clubs, as he witnessed regularly at Tottenham.

“At Tottenham, it was standard practice to argue every Friday.” Voetbal Primeur report him saying.

“Just ask Edgar Davids, Robbie Keane and Mido – they always had a problem with each other but we ended up winning the game afterwards. In that respect you should never see such things personally.”