It’s now been over a week since Claudio Bravo was called up to play for Chile, and a few days since he joined the squad. Still, the controversy about his return continues to be the local media’s favourite topic.

The last time the Manchester City goalkeeper was with the national team, he made several complaints about the ANFP, with the heaviest one calling a goalkeeping coach ‘fat’.

“He can’t weigh what he weighs, it’s disrespectful,” said Bravo about José Ovalle at the time.

Now it turns out that newspaper El Mercurio managed to interview Ovalle, who’s no longer a coach, and now dedicates himself to ‘commercial activities’.

“I think it marked me, every act has its consequence, but fortunately football is not my only source of work. In any case I received a lot of support from the squad,” Ovalle told El Mercurio.

“He never asked for forgiveness. The last time we spoke was October 10, 2017.”

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Asked if he still expects an apology, he said: “No, I think it has passed. It would be nice to be able to talk to him again, I understand many situations and things that were said, but it would still be nice to be able to speak again, because I have a very good image of him as an elite athlete. That image is marred by a nonsense that has no greater relevance, which could’ve been avoidable. I can’t find a reason why it came to light.”

Meanwhile, the controversy about Bravo’s return continues. Just like he doesn’t need to see Ovalle, he also won’t be meeting Arthuro Vidal and Gary Medel, since both of them have been left out of the squad this time.

There’s a big expectation of what will happen when they both get back, especially with people wondering if the Manchester City player will get his captain armband back.